Clad Aluminum Sheet for Brazing

Aluminum Clad. Brazing sheet is a composite material typically consisting of a core alloy and one or more liner alloy that are metallurgically bonded (Clad) to the core alloy. Navard is the only company in Iran that is capable of manufacturing aluminium brazing sheet. Main Application for Aluminum Brazing Sheet: 1. Radiators 2. Heater Cores 3.

Sep 29, 2010 · Aluminium brazing sheet is manufactured by roll-bonding techniques to clad a core alloy ingot on one side or both sides with a low melting AlSi alloy. As an alternative, one side can be clad with a non-braze alloy, e.g. Zn-containing alloy. Depending on the desired final properties, the core is either homogenized or not before the cladding operation.

4343/3003 /4343 H16 Clad Aluminum Alloy Fin Strip/ Sheet for Condenser Brazing. Min. Order: 1000 kg. Type: Roll. Temper: Half Hard. Treatment: Composited. Thickness: Single Zero Foil. Surface State: Double light Aluminum Foil. Rolling Characteristics: Finish …

Some aluminum sheet products are made up of a strong core alloy that is clad with a thin layer of high-silicon alloy which has a much lower melting point than the core. This allows a complex shape, such as a car radiator, to be fabricated then heated to a temperature that is sufficient to melt the cladding while leaving the core intact. The skin of oxide film that covers the surface of aluminum needs to be …

Aluminum Clad Brazing sheet is a composite material typically consisting of a core alloy and one or more liner alloy that are metallurgically bonded (Clad) Clad (Aluminum Brazing Sheet) COIL & Strip

Cladding an aluminum-silicon alloy with a brazing sheet provides an aluminum alloy that has the thin walls necessary for use in automobile heat exchangers, as well as such desirable characteristics as high strength, corrosion resistance and formability. We have developed and are refining a variety of products of this sort.

Braze clad aluminum sheet for thin tubes : EP10162267.8A EP2253726A3 (en) 2009-05-14: 2010-05-07: Aluminium alloys brazing sheet for thin tubes KR1020100044422A KR20100123623A (en) 2009-05-14: 2010-05-12: Aluminium alloys brazing sheet for thin tubes

Lynch Metals is the largest stocking distributor of aluminum brazing sheet in North America with locations in Union, NJ and Anaheim, CA.

Non-Clad Aluminum Strip Sheet Chemical composition : SIGNI ALUMINIUM CLAD ALLOYS : Others: Alloy : Si: Fe: Cu: Mn: Mg: Cr: Zn: Ti: each: total: Clad alloys for VCA-brazing according to EN573-3 : 4004: Min. max. 9.0 10.5-0.8-0.25-0.10: 1.0 2.0---0.20---0.05-0.15: 4104(Containing0.02%-0.20% Bi) Min. max. 9.0 10.5-0.8-0.25-0.10: 1.0 2.0---0.20---0.05-0.15

Fabricators of braze clad aluminum & brass strip & sheet for brazing & soldering applications. Other products include gold, silver, copper, & nickel-based brazing & soldering alloys in wire, strip, paste, powder & preformed shapes. Services include brazing & soldering.

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Number 8 brazing sheet is typically used in vacuum brazing applications.It’s a two-sided clad product with a 3003 core and a 4004 cladding, and is the dominant product utilized when vacuum brazing is performed inside a vacuum chamber vessel.

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Clad Aluminium Enfield Tubes offers a range of brazed aluminium sheet and coil for vacuum brazing applications and controlled atmosphere brazing applications (CAB). Maximum fl exibility is produced by our versatile rolling equipment which is able to supply aluminium sheet to many different tempers.

The vent holes can be welded closed after the brazing operation. No closed cavity can be present due to the pressure created by expanding gases generated by the brazing flux. Filler metal comes in different forms..003 thick shim; paste (powder mixed with water) wire of varying diameters clad brazing sheet; Joint clearance must be controlled.

Brazing alloy--The brazing alloy can be selected from the AA4XXX family of aluminum alloys, i.e. the aluminum alloys comprised mainly of aluminum and silicon according to the application of the brazing sheet that is produced from the clad material.